I find comfort in quiet gestures, earth tones, and the lingering scent of wood smoke. My reverence for nature stems from a childhood spent playing in the fields and forests of Sonoma County, California.

I spent five years amongst the concrete and chaos of New York City, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from The New School. This experience deepened my knowledge of, and refreshed my respect for, the natural world.

Primarily self-taught, I experiment with a variety of mediums. I use found objects, both organic and engineered, in an attempt to repurpose the discarded, derelict, decaying, and dead. My process is about learning to accept the exquisiteness of imperfections, layering to find balance. These woven images are inspired by nature’s shapes, movements, and constant adaptability.

I’m awed by plants that sprout up amidst and despite human development: the vine creeping onto the brick wall; the tufts of grass peeking through sidewalk cracks; the moss coating the stone path. Their dynamic figures subtly disrupt the stark edges of the human-made world.

I strive to translate these designs in my work, mixing right angles with untidy edges. I often begin with straight lines, grids, geometric shapes, and borders. Ultimately these structures surrender to more nebulous forms, a reflection of the anthropocentric world’s interface with natural elements. I seek out beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete, as part of our brief inhabitance of this earth. 


FEBRUARY 26, 2017 - MARCH 26, 2017
Solo Exhibition - Retrograde Coffee Roasters, Sebastopol, CA

JUNE 25, 2016 - SEPTEMBER 26, 2016
A Brief Inhabitance: Solo Exhibition - Neon Raspberry Art House, Occidental, CA


NOVEMBER 14, 2015 - JANUARY 3, 2016  
En Masse IIGroup Show - Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY


APRIL 25, 2015 - MAY 31, 2015
Passage Path Road Route Way: Group Show - Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY


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